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Gabrielle Bruni

dsc-0636.jpg Gabrielle Bruni was born in Hong Kong, the jewelry & fashion epicenter of the Far East; this is where she developed an early interest in jewelry design. Her formal training began at the Jewelry Center of Europe, Pforzheim Germany, where as an apprentice goldsmith, she created pieces that earned her distinction. She studied in Switzerland under some of Europe’s top designers and earned the title of Master Jeweler. After earning a Graduate Gemologist degree Gabrielle began her career as a designer and production development coordinator with a Swiss jewelry brand. Gabrielle establihed her own design studio and workshop in 1998 where she produces her unique and uncompromising designs with the highest of standards.

 We personally work with Gabrielle Bruni and we love her designs and sense of style. Our working relationship allows for her designs to be customized. This means that you can pick the type of gemstones you would like in your jewelry. While our photographs may feature white sapphire or diamonds, there are many gemstones you may choose from to make your jewelry one of a kind. Gabrielle's pieces can be altered to fit your own distinctive personality and taste. This is what is wonderful about working directly with Gabrielle. Your piece is individually made and handcrafted to your specifications. Please call us and let us help you design something special by Gabrielle Bruni Creations.